Imaan, the LGBTQI Muslim non-profit charity, condemns the combat about LGBTQI society in Orlando, Fl and mourns the patients with shed the company’s homes for this senseless operate of brutality throughout the holiest period belonging to the Islamic schedule.
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Imaan, the LGBTQI Muslim non-profit charity, condemns the combat about LGBTQI society in Orlando, Fl and mourns the patients with shed the company’s homes for this senseless operate of brutality throughout the holiest period belonging to the Islamic schedule.

As an organization, we are now invested in promoting Muslims who are LGBTQI. Because we find our selves at crossroad of religion, sex and sex, you deal with everyday neglect from Islamophobes, homophobes and transphobes as well.

Hatred and physical violence doesn’t have place in one of the towns most people participate in and then we avoid and fight all different types of bigotry.

You continue the like, solidarity and condolences toward the Latinx LGBTQI neighborhood who have been straight influenced by this horror.

We refer to as to the wide Muslim and LGBTQI areas to support us in terms and practices.

Imaan AGM

The Annual regular appointment is on its way towards north america! The board is going to take inventory of 2015 and examine and gauge the yr. We will have a glance at potential happenings in 2016. The fulfilling also will look at the financial profile. Because this is a non-election yr, we are going to carry on taking AGM during UK, so the AGM usually takes set in Birmingham! The data are as follows:

Big date: Saturday 16th January 2016 Your Time: 12-2pm location: Birmingham LGBT heart, 38-40 Holloway carnival, Birmingham B1 1EQ The schedule would be:

1. affirmation of Minutes from January 2015 AGM 2. Trustees gross review 3. financing review 4. Designs for 2016 5. any businesses

Queries and suggestions within the members of Imaan are a great deal enjoy. If you want to combine any specific goods of dialogue for the goal, you need to e-mail no less than 6 days find, according to the guidance of the Imaan Constitution.

A while later, we’re going to endeavour to socialise, EAT and soak up the delights of Birmingham!

Click Statement: Most of us cana��t beat homophobia with Islamophobia

Imaan is definitely dismayed using homophobia and Islamophobia on present as soon as Londona��s LBC advertising variety Iain Dale and a caller asserted about Islam and homosexuality .

The Muslim call, a�?Zainab from distance Londona�?, would be clearly oblivious about certain Qura��anic injunctions and so the reputation for Islamic jurisprudence. The Qura��an doesn’t involve the dying punishment for homosexuals. The truth is, a growing number of Muslim market leaders and students argue the presentation on the Qura��anic story for the Prophet Lut as a blanket condemnation of homosexuality.

These people consider these passages as contextual and constrained to issues of same-sex brutality and misapplication. Zainab has to be confronted with functions consumers instance Omid Safi and Kecia Ali from the mankind, Ziauddin Sardar from the UNITED KINGDOM and Siti Musdah Mulia from Indonesia. In contrast to exactly what Zainab might claim, these scholars are certainly not lezzie, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex (LGBTQI) and they are certainly practising Muslims. They’re not therefore distinctive from heterosexual Christians and Jews who show inclusive religious panorama on sex.

We’re likewise annoyed with Dale because in place of challenging Zainaba��s black-and-white presentation of Islam, he or she acknowledged their claims. The guy went a stride farther along, wondering if she recognized Irana��s loss words for homosexuals and also known as this model a�?disgustinga�? when this chick predictably did.

Zainaba��s looks happen to be juvenile, unsafe and misinformed, however it is continue to incorrect to caricature careful Muslims as deranged. Would you accuse white in color English Christians that are uncomfortable with gay proper or multiculturalism as covert supporters from the Islamophobic Norwegian size murderer Anders Breivik? Can we write off them as dresser sympathisers of Britain 1st and/or English protection category? But exactly why do so many people neglect the undeniable fact that there’s a few understanding of Islam?

Our company is as a result furthermore surprised in the on line mediaa��s revealing about this function, such as by LGBTQI outlets. Queerty a��s headline read: Muslim contacts inside advanced stereo plan, states Gay visitors must be Killed . Ultimately, it links Muslims with very homophobic and aggressive attitudes and singles these people outside as anti-progressive a�� a disturbingly Islamophobic impression.

As LGBTQI Muslims, we at Imaan understand that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are actual. Most people likewise understand that Islamophobia and racism include actual. Our very own knowledge tends to be backed by academics such as for instance Sindre Bangstad, that records a disconcerting rise in Islamophobia across European countries.

Islamophobia and homophobia are both awful and that can only be remedied with rational sincerity, moral and political nerve, and shared regard throughout country. There are favorable situations wherein this is exactly going on throughout the uk a�� case in point, BBC3a��s well-researched and nuanced documentary just how Gay is definitely Pakistan ? We are in need of further educational shows similar to this and far fewer oblivious spats between Islamophobes and homophobes.

Imaan goes purple on 15 March 2021

Imaan try satisfied to endorse nature week, 15 July. With many other people we will be moving purple to face against bullying and help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) childhood. As LGBTQI Muslims, we’re all only as well conscious of the anguish and concern with getting bullied not just for our bristlr mobile site erotic or sex identification, but the religious and cultural skills.